*the fire balls bounce off of the mage , etio casts a levitation grab spell and grabbed the lich*

He quickly starts muttering curses to weaken the spell, all the while throwing more and more flames at the Mage, a few skeletons starting to slowly approach him from behind.

Lich... What happened , What do you mean? *slowly casting stone flesh skin on self*

He doesn’t respond, throwing fire balls at the mage as he starts to try and make his escape out of a hole in the ceiling.

*walks into your lair* Found you. Now tell me, Why do you want to destroy this land?

The Lich growls, hands being swallowed by the usual green flames as he gets ready to strike at the mage “… Reasons..”


deathtoooo started following you

“Oh well… Hello!” [[ I dont know if this is ironic… or just funny.. XD //

The Lich simply looms over the human-thing, studying it. “…. Hello…”

[[ How is it either? :3]]

*starts shooting fireball spells and lightning spells at you as you fly off* You can't run , You Necromancer!

*He flings fire balls at you in return, continuing his attempt to flee. He was not ready to fight a wizard. Not yet.*

Lich....You are too weak to control me. *casts light spell at you*

*Growls at you, raising one arm to cover his face and flying off*

deathtoooo started following you




-Tries to move his legs, instead finding that even his short time resting has allowed his legs the time needed to register pain again. He tries to crawl further into the vet, but is too fearful of how safe it would be. Not that it could be worse than the Lich waiting for him.- N-no thank you! I believe y-you have shown me e-enough! -No matter how hard he tries, his voice comes out shaky and distorted from the heat’s effects on his voice processors.-

*He lowers his voice slightly, trying to make it as soft and as gentle as it possbily could be for all of it’s eerie-ness* Please come out Logic Sphere.. I will not harm you further.. I only harmed you because you tried to flee.. Please come out.. I will not harm you.. *Despite his words, the flames on his hands flare up once again, though he continues to try and coax him out.*

-Doesn’t fall for it for even a moment and stays silent, instead just balling up his ruined jacket and tossing it past the corner and into the Lich’s field of vision in response. He tries to crawl further into the vent, though only ends up collapsing on himself with a muffled cry due to the cramped nature of the vent and his multiple injuries.-

*He immediatly shoots a flame of jet down the vent at the movement, cackling. Feeling as though he probably killed the little man-thing, he straightens himself up, turns, and trudges off, wondering what other little beings he could find to torment in this place.*